Stand Alone
Frequently at the paper we have extra space that needs to be filled and the editors ask us at the photo desk to go out and find “stand alone.” Every paper has this but it’s called something different everywhere - I’ve heard it called “feature photos” or “wild art” it just means that it’s a picture without an article, something the photographer finds without an assignement from a reporter. More often than not, the pictures are rushed and/or sloppy because we tend to get the call from the editors when something else has fallen through already and they’re desperate to fill a page. However, every so often it really works out to make something worthy of space in the newspaper. These are a few of my recent favorites that have come from this kind of situation.  08.29.14
New Year
I started a brand new blog and I’m slacking off already but it’s a new year and I’m motivated again. It may not last long but I’ll get one new blog entry out of it at least.  We did the usual “best of” stuff at the paper and that got me digging through all my pics from the year. The few that I really liked are already integrated into the portfolio on my home page but these are a few of the extras. I’ll try to keep up with it a little more regularly this year. 01.21.14
Fair Enough
We're just finishing fair season around here. Depending on the year, I've covered the Bi-county Fair, Navajo Nation Fair, Ramah Navajo Fair, Zuni Fair and the Central, Northern and Eastern Navajo Fairs. We didn't cover them all this year and I personally only went to a couple of them. As  far as photos go, it's never the most groundbreaking stuff  but between rodeos, livestock events, kids, carnivals and powwows the fairs are always feature photo goldmines.  09.25.13
I recently reconstructed my entire site including this blog and that required a new portfolio edit. I made a decision to leave all the sports, portraits and hard news on the cutting room floor and focus exclusively on the kind of feature photography I've always been most interested in.  Making cuts is always tough and I'm sure there are a few more photos I should have cut but didn't. However, cutting some of the hard news pics was the hardest choice I had to make. There were a lot of photos that  I felt were compelling or even important in some way so I decided to put some of them back here as my first new blog entry.  09.09.13